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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic

ALGARFISIO is a private physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic established in 1988 that has been making efforts aiming at its modernization, namely through new equipment and accessibilities.

We rely on qualified professionals and on a humanized and customized assistance to provide healthcare services in the physiotherapy area to private users and to users covered by different healthcare systems, such as SNS, ADSE, SAMS, ADM, insurance companies and private organizations.

           282 414 039           De SEG. a SEXT.:

Manhã: 08h30 às 12h00

        Tarde: 13h30 às 19h00          

          Rua Mouzinho Albuquerque 10-A           
8500-710 Portimão          


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Treatments that suit each user's needs
Various therapies
Aiming at promoting health
We have technologically advanced equipment.


Algarfisio-Clínica de Fisioterapia do Algarve Lda
Portimão - Algarfisio

Specialized in physiotherapy since 1988

Rua Mouzinho Albuquerque 10-A
8500-710 PORTIMÃO
282 414 039